Saturday, August 23, 2014

Where is the West Pole?

In the 79th Legislature of the great state of Texas, The West Polethe House of Representatives declared a resolution (HR 2935) proclaiming: “that location has been searched for, researched, and found to be positively located at 30 degrees, 18.25’ North and 97 degrees, 56.28’ West, in Bee Cave, Texas”.

Furthermore, the Texas Historical Commission declares: “As there are recognized and generally accepted North and South Poles on Planet Earth, there too must be East and West Poles. This being Texas, the 98th Meridian is universally recognized as “Where The West Begins,” located right here--Deep in the Heart of Texas—we have little use and even less concern for an “East” Pole”
So justifiably, the argument can be waged that a location known as the “West Pole” really does exist. In fact, West Pole Partners is headquartered exactly at this location and therefore, the partners acknowledge and respect this great location and hold it dear as a landmark in the great the state of Texas. However, the West Pole Partners also feel there is much more to the West Pole than this great declaration and specific location which was discovered by the “Lone Star Meteorological Society”.  
The West Pole Partners believe the West Pole is much more than just a place. The partners feel the West Pole can just as easily be a state of mind.   For instance, the feeling you get when you hear the tires leave the pavement and hit the gravel road. Or, maybe it’s the release you feel when your boots hit the ground at the ranch after a long week at your job. For many it’s the excitement or anticipation of an upcoming hunt…dreaming of the big one. It may just be re-connecting with yourself peacefully while you sit calmly in a blind. Some will find it in the satisfaction of a completed hard days work accomplishing needed chores. Sometimes it’s just being the cowboy you always wanted to be. Or, maybe it’s that steak dinner back at the camp or the fellowship taking place around a camp fire on a crisp night with a few tall tales thrown in. More importantly, it may be the lifelong memory made for a young person while enjoying God’s great outdoors on a first hunt with mom or dad. The West Pole can mean many different and unique things to each of us that might even be hard to describe.
Whether it’s being at a specific location or just achieving a satisfactory state of mind, West Pole Partners can relate because we share the same pursuit. We know how to relate to your dreams and goals because they are the same dreams and goals that drive us. We share a deep love of the land and the great outdoors. Whether you are pursuing a sound business strategy or a great adventure, we share your passion and can help you accomplish your goals. 
So come along with us on this great pursuit and one way or another, we’ll see you at the West Pole!
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